Thank You Terry Hamilton

A thanks to a very special person who left an important legacy across the IT landscape.
Chris Young
Chris Young
June 06, 2024

In this post I want to take a moment to thank a very special person, who made enormous contributions to Harled and was a major influence on my own career.

It is with great sadness that we learned of Terry's passing in Dec 2023. I had just met with him in Oct and had a classic Terry conversation. Lots of ranting, lots of great ideas and lots of laughs.

Terry Hamilton.
Terry Hamilton, Chief Architect

I was lucky to have worked with Terry very early on in my time at IBM. He was leading an important project for the financial industry and was applying the first large-scale agile approach to infrastructure (circa 2009 - this was a big deal). I was a complete rookie at this point in time and Terry was always happy to explain how things "really" worked, in tech, people and business. He also had surrounded himself with an incredible crew at Consumers Rd and more importantly the Firkin.

We then went on in our various directions for a decade before we would connect again. I was growing the team at Harled and was lucky enough to reconnect with Terry for advice. To my delight, not only did Terry provide advice, but he also expressed interest in working together again. I was over the moon with having Terry as a colleague again. His ability to understand and architect enterprise IT systems is inspiring. He also consistently made the time to continue to mentor the entire Harled team, including myself.

Terry, we appreciate everything you did for Harled and all of the mentorship you offered along the way. Personally, I know you can't be replaced as a titan in IT Architecture or as a friend. We'll miss you Terry.

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