Peachy: Software for the Small but Mighty

Just-enough software to support a high performance workforce. Goal setting, 1:1 / coaching and mentoring as well as learning management.


Peachy offers a fresh take on software to support high-performance teams. We built Peachy for ourselves, based on the need to simplify and streamline the practices that we know lead to better outcomes but that can traditionally feel like a distraction of the day-to-day.

So, we combined them all! Peachy is our go-to portal for meetings, action items, goal setting, progress tracking, 1:1s and learning. Sounds like a lot, but it is all packaged very nicely so that it doesn't feel like "yet another tool" that we need to visit.

You can see more information, including demos of what we build over at the Peachy site. We are actively looking for other like-minded organizations who would like to give it a try. So, if you feel the same way about supporting a high-performance small team, then check it out!

  • Human Capital Management made simple
  • Goal setting with integrated goal cycle management
  • 1:1's made easy and effective with structured agendas, action items and linkages to goals
  • A lightweight learning experience platform to support employee growth


Peachy ( is owned and operated by Harled Inc.

We very selfishly built the software that we wish we always had. As a small team, without a dedicated human resources (HR) department the existing solutions on the market were overwhelming. We look at Peachy as the "just enough software" solution to support a great team to do even greater things without getting in the way.

With that said, we are happy to share Peachy with any others who are committed to peak performance in an unobtrusive and easy way. Contact us if you want to give Peachy a try.


Peachy has evolved in the most natural way. That is, we identified the need for additional human capital management processes as our company grew, we experimented with how to implement them for the desired result and then quickly encoded them in peachy.

Ruby on Rails made the natural choice for this as we are well versed in it, it gives a small number of developers superpowers in terms of what they can deliver and it is simple to manage operationally. We were also looking for a way to experiment with the latest version of Rails and alternate technology choices that we could introduce to our clients. Clearly Peachy delivered benefits to Harled, our clients and our employees on multiple fronts.

Ruby on Rails
Boostrap 5
Digital Ocean


This is one of those projects that absolutely would not exist without great open source technology options like Ruby on Rails, Docker and dokku. So, first and foremost we are very thankful for all of the individuals who have contributed to Rails, the ecosystem and those who continue to support it as a viable and feature-rich option for majestic-monoliths!

This project also would not be possible without the buy-in and support of our employees. The Human Resource, Human Capital Management, People Operations etc.. side of the business can sometimes feel like a distraction from "the work". However, our team always puts their best foot forward to help evaluate (prove and disprove) ideas and features.