About Harled

Crafting Code, Shaping Success.

As a small but mighty force, our mission-driven approach empowers us to deliver boutique software solutions that make a real difference in the digital landscape. Since our inception in 2017, we have been deeply committed to driving real change through projects that matter to us, whether it's modernizing national defence, supporting Indigenous reconciliation, or crafting software that fosters high-performance teams.

At our core, we're architects of your product vision. Powered by Ruby on Rails, we develop code at lightning speed to deliver excellent user experiences - learn more about our Rails journey through our blog.

Harled team with the RCAF

Mission-Driven Excellence.

We passionately embrace the power of purpose.

Our path is paved by projects that distinguish themselves in both innovation and quality, while being intrinsically tied to a mission that fosters positive and meaningful change. By infusing each project with a strong mission focus, we take pride in empowering our partner's visions and strive for greatness to leave a lasting impact.

We're not a giant corporation, but we punch above our weight.

As a tight-knit company, we deeply value our team and provide every member ample opportunities to foster skill development and gain valuable experience - because their growth is your success.

Small but Mighty.

Speed & Agility.

We understand that time is of the essence.

Our agile approach translates to prompt results that don't compromise quality. We thrive on flexibility and adaptability, allowing us to grasp unique requirements quickly and create a customized approach that ensures timely and impactful delivery.

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Our team is spread across Canada with a central hub nestled in Kitchener, Ontario at Communitech (the former Google office). We love visitors - If you are ever in the area, we'd love for you to come say hi!