What's your role?

As a UI/UX Developer co-op student with Harled, my responsibilities are broad. Due to the small nature of our team, my day-to-day tasks more closely resemble that of a full-stack developer. Ranging from designing the architecture of a DORA metrics API, to assisting in the maintenance and improvement of the RCAF Hangar platform, my position allows me to apply my skills in the best way I can. My expertise in design and product development helps make Hangar a more enjoyable and easy-to-use platform for the members of the air force, and I take great pride in that.

What is the secret to realizing a successful software project?

Requirements. In my experience, a strong software product cannot be fully realized without establishing exactly what the user requires. If insufficient requirements are set at the beginning of a design, it can be difficult to stay on track and recognize when a project is complete.

What emerging technology or industry are you most interested in?

The recent advancements in Brain-Control Interfaces (BCIs) have gotten me very excited for the future of the integration between biology and technology. The current state of the technology is so far beyond what I thought was possible, and there are still many applications of BCIs to explore - it's an exciting time to be in tech.

What's your word of the day?

To quote my favourite poem, "If you're going to go, go all the way". For every aspect in life, I try to be intentional and go all-in. Otherwise what's the point?


  • Figma
  • User Experience Design
  • HTML5
  • Ruby on Rails