What's your role?

As a full stack developer I work on everything from delivering mission-driven code changes and testing across the application to contributing to communications directly with clients. My development manager role involves tailoring and evaluating the relevancy of tickets that get defined internally through our agile sprint iterations. I also work on communicating and solidifying work requirements between the development and product teams, as well as keeping our best development practices defined and documented.

How has your role within our tight-knit team influenced your perspective on delivering excellence to clients?

Easy sight lines into our clients' interaction with our application are invaluable, as they allow us to delve deeply into their usage patterns and process expectations. The work our small but mighty team has done has shown that visibility into others' work, particularly in a closely-knit team, translates into accelerated learning and swift execution. This ensures that each team member is well-versed in all ongoing processes, enabling each of our members to become experts when communicating with clients and their particular problem spaces. Constant communication forms the basics of our client-centric success, as it enables us to harmonize user expectations with our iterative deliveries. Our ability to swiftly adapt, coupled with meticulous attention to client requirements, ensures that we consistently provide solutions that hit the mark. In the end, our collaborative spirit, shared knowledge, and iterative finesse converge to create solutions that resonate profoundly with our users.

How do you ensure speed and quality coexist when tailoring solutions to meet unique client needs?

Our team keeps quality at the top of their list when providing solutions as we strive to iterate more than once if necessary; constant communication with users during development lead to overall improvement of our problem solving skills that solidify all other implementations. A significant portion of my time is dedicated to upholding the quality of tickets within our agile sprints. This involves ensuring the efficiency and high quality of our work, while also ensuring alignment with client requirements and the capabilities of our development stack. Our agile development methods shine as they provide accurate timelines to users for anticipated changes, coupled with precise ticket definitions. This synergy empowers our development team to meet deadlines effectively while maintaining the utmost code quality standards.

Which quote or motto describes your work ethic?

"I have been impressed with the urgency of doing. Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Being willing is not enough; we must do."

Through my time at Harled I've come to better understand that a lot of what makes our team so strong is the willingness and the strive to provide value in every interaction with our clients; I pride myself and our team with not only identifying improvements within our software, but also seeing these improvements through to implementation


  • Ruby on Rails
  • Django
  • React
  • Amplitude
  • MongoDB
  • APIs

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