What's your role?

My title is Head of People Culture, Design & Strategy. Long title but all encompassing of what HR brings to the Harled table. As Harled Inc. evolves and grows, there is a need for dedicated senior HR services that strategically and tactically align with Harled's Mission, Vision, Values and Goals. This is completed through proactive HR services that delivers HR systems that ultimately balances Harled's needs as a company and the needs of the employees by being legislatively compliant and ensuring due diligence is had to all Harled employees. Harled HR is committed to being the best that they can be for their employees and their client base by promising to be a continuous agent of transformation, shaping processes and a culture that together improves Harled's capacity for change and growth.

What is the secret to building a great people culture?

Organizational culture is more than just get togethers. Darn it, right?

Seriously though - organizational culture defines and shapes one's work environment and is the very core of our company that is the key to unlocking a great business and a great team.

How? Intentionally. We, at Harled, make it happen. It is who we are. We walk the talk. Culture just doesn't happen - it is designed, architected and built with intention. It refers to the practical and pervasive implementation of HR programs, best practices, ideals, communications, and shared values within the organization. This culture defines and shapes one's work environment to help achieve business goals while remaining in-line with company values.

For us, it's mission-critical that our culture enables our employees to do their most impactful work as effortlessly as possible. This supports the business, enables us to achieve our mission, enhances employee satisfaction and growth which in part, is a success for our customers.

What HR tech has you the most excited?

Honestly, I prefer my own. Unfortunately, there is not one program out there that does everything that I want it to - showcase employee-centrism, manages my HR initiatives, plans for future growth and does better at supporting a company's objectives and culture.

What's your word of the day?

Yet. My favourite word is the all powerful and promising word 'yet'. This word signifies that something is achievable - that a person is in charge of their own destiny. 'Yet' changes one's beliefs about themselves and their abilities to a positive motivation and encourages one to continue along their learning journey as they have not yet reached their destination. Ultimately, the word 'yet' provides an important 'nudge' to keep working on something by replacing negative thoughts with a positive intention and inner belief of an 'I can get there!' attitude.


  • Human Resources
  • Talent Management
  • Compliance
  • Employee Relations
  • Culture Design
  • People Strategy